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Oct 6, 2012

Are you a Visual Leader ? (Part.1)

Article by Philippe Rouffiac

We changed the parameter of information in our personal and professional life. We will create new references and will have to adapt, learn and develop new skills that will enable us to face what is coming…Today we could summarize in 4 simple words as written on post-it what could describes this big change in the information around us :

Volume: the world is global and never sleeps. We generate infinite data and information on our computers, our mobile tools, our cell phones, our shopping online etc…Our time is also marked by technology and our willingness to participate, to collaborate in various forms, to be present and to generate content on the internet (Blogs, Twitter, FB, Pinterest etc.). Finally we have 2 lives for much a digital one and the other rooted in reality. One can speak of life online or life off line…That’s the condition of the human being in a short future but remember that it will also multiply the data by two at least.

Speed: Everything is going quicker and quicker . A tweet flies around the world in seconds, an image, a video is immediately on the net. We want everything in real-time!

Variety : We are not the only ones to send information. Our refrigerators, our cars, bodies all sensors that analyze air, wind, travel on roads in cities, etc, nourish huge databases. Data are varied and come from millions of sources. It could be fun try to identify patterns!

Complexity: Today many companies are dedicated to structuring these data to draw models, identify trends, and predict scenarios and help managers make the best decisions. Structuring will be complex and perhaps it will impossible to generate value.

These are the four dimensions of today’s information,that s will be multiplied by 50 by 2020 according to an expert of the Big data at a conference in Madrid this week.

But ultimately is there anything remaining the same? Sorry but nothing will stay the same. Everything will change and this transformation may be difficult for some people and some businesses. Many initiatives are already underway to adjust to the change and frankly some begins to perceive new opportunities.

To participate in many meetings with leaders and managers I know that their daily lives is of course impacted by this context (infobesity, social media, etc.), new expectations appear in the company among the employees more collaboration ,participation, etc.. but Management remains with certain prerogatives: pilot teams, pilot projects, make the right decisions, be creative, and ensure the economical objectives.They say that it is difficult to transform everyday life and the skills of the teams in this particular context.They add in the end that this transformation is necessary for the future of the company.

We think that one possible answer to the infobesity and its dark moves could be “to think more visually ” and use Visual Mapping tools. It will help to get attention more quickly ,to learn faster, clarify situations , connect better with your teams, anticipate the needs to change, share project ,align objectives, make emerging new ideas and possibilities and organize them in a sentence simplify the complex. This new skill will be asked to the a leader or Manager in a short time. Visual Mapping will be very soon part of Knowledge Management.

Our proposal is to share with you in the second part of this blog some examples of Visual Mapping tools and gives you the desire to discover more of these new visual techniques.

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