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Jan 2, 2012

My first impressions of MindMaple

End of 2011 a brand new Mind Mapping Software was launched: MindMaple.

I had the opportunity to try it during the last weeks and are here are my first impressions.

What I liked: The fluidity and ease to create and position freely items, the clean visual aspect of the mindmaps and the  and intuitive user interface . An original feature I found very useful: the ability to organize imported images and icons with folders and keywords, perfect for creating a personal icons library.

It is also easy to insert links, attachments, text notes and images into the subjects. You can combine different grow directions inside your mindmaps.

MindMaple has launched a blog and a Twitter account.

This is my first post about MindMaple, however I think writing further ones about this very interesting software.

May 10, 2009

Nov 2, 2008

The Taiwan Mind Map


Browsing the Web I discovered this incredible Mind Map. The Author, an Indonesian Student, wrote : Here, I write down all ideas that I got related to Taiwan. From the preparation until to-do list after arriving. The max main ideas in my mind map before were only 5-6 ideas, but not for this one. I ended it with 13 ideas,he2 such a pride for me.

I believe that this kind of Mind Map is a creativity exercise, like a personal Brain Storming. In this case the Map works as a “detonator “, unleashing the associations of ideas.

Click on the image or here to access the post and the full size Mind Map.

Oct 13, 2008

The Future of Mind Mapping Software Mind Map

My Friend Alberto Martinez, author of the  Mind Mapping Everywhere Blog, advised me to read Chuck Frey's last article on the Mindmapping Software Blog.

Entitled " The Future of Mind Mapping Software", this article summarizes the essential features that should be incorporated in tomorrow's mind mapping software. I found it very interesting and mindmapped the article's key points. I used iMindmap V3, a really powerful Mind Mapping Software. Developed by Tony Buzan Organization, this Software creates an organic mapping experience and is very easy to use.


The Future of Mind Mapping Software