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Jul 19, 2013

Web-based Mindmapping : Nice tutorial about MindMup

Browsing the web, I came across this nice tutorial about MindMup, a simple and effective web-based Mindmapping software. Web-based means it works right in your web browser. You don't have to download, install, or update anything. In the same time it means that you don't have the same security guarantees as for a desktop software and you'll need internet access to make use of it. 

Personally, I'm a fan and heavy user of Mindmeister because it is collaborative, it produces mindmaps with a very good visual impact, meets high security standards and has excellent dedicated iPad, iPhone and Android Apps. But if what you need is a simple web-based mind mapping software for a non-professional use, Mindmup is a valuable solution. When you're ready to save your MindMup mindmap you can save it to Google Drive, save it to your desktop, or publish it online. If you publish it online, you can grab an embed code for it to post it in a blog post or webpage.

Oct 12, 2012

MindMeister launches a new release with enhanced presentation mode

MindMeister , one the best online mind mapping applications, has announced the release of a new version with an amazing new presentation mode.

The new presentation mode features striking zoom and pan effects across the mind map canvas to ensure the attention of audiences bored by old-fashioned, linear slideshows.

As a web-native service, MindMeister supports simple drag and drop of links, images and documents from the web into a presentation, so slides
are created instantly as there's no need for downloading or importing.

Presenters can choose to broadcast slideshows to other users currently viewing the same map. 

This feature is especially interesting for business and academic applications, allowing guided walkthroughs of complex topics.

The new Presentation Mode is available starting today to all MindMeister users, including holders of the free basic account.
By watching the video below, you'll see a short demo of MindMeister's new presentation mode.

In addition to this, MindMeister introduced floating topics and connection labels which give users greater options in creating more organized, clear and concise mind maps. 

Some further enhancements in this release:

New and simplified sharing options
Retina display support
Smooth CSS zooming
New map footer toolbar

Aug 29, 2011

Mind Mapping 2.0: Introducing the New MindMeister

MindMeister, one of the best collaborative online Mind Mapping Applications, just launched a new version with more than 200 enhancements.
I summarized the most  interesting ones, from my point of view, into this mindmap.

Whe are witnessing how the mind mapping software industry is bringing this technique to higher levels of diffusion and innovation.

Clearly MindMeister puts into practice some Web 2.0 key concepts  : simplicity, usability and collaboration.

Jul 15, 2011

Live Mind Mapping at TEDGlobal 2011

Live Mind Mapping TEDGlobal 2011

This week took place the famous  TEDGlobal 2011 Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, but was simulcast in The Hague. During the conferences  Alexis van Dam and Mathieu van der Wal created Live Mindmaps using MindMeister, the online mindmapping application.
They made about 30 mindmaps. You can browse this interactive map below to discover the various conferences mindmaps.

Sep 29, 2010

Online Mind Mapping : MindMeister 4.7 functional enhancements

MindMeister 4.7 has been launched. Now users can  drag and drop attachments and images directly from their desktop to into their mind maps. Additional feature enhancements include:

Preview images, PDF and PowerPoint attachments
Channel pages & public maps sidebar
More branding options for Business users
Calendar feed enhancements
Improved map layout (auto condensing)

Check out this video :

MindMeister 4.7 from MindMeister on Vimeo.

Sep 9, 2009

MindMeister : Mind Mapping in the cloud and now for iPhone

MindMeister is a powerful web-based mind mapping application with excellent import and export features for most major formats. With currently over 300,000 users, MindMeister recently lauched his new application for iPhone and iPod touch  in the App Store. I often use MindMeister, especially for collaboration and embedding mindmaps in blogs (see above).

The new MindMeister iPhone application allows you to take your online mind maps with you wherever you go. Just sign in to your MindMeister account when you first start the app, browse and download your mind maps for local editing and let the application take care of synchronising them with the cloud.

MindMeister for iPhone + iPod touch is officially available in the App Store now for only $6.99 / €5.49. It works with any MindMeister account - even the free Basic one - and pretty much all iPhone / iPod touch versions (minimum OS 2.2.1).
I have 5 free licences to offer , contact me if you are interested ( all licences have been offered)

Links :
The iPhone page on MindMeister:
The app in the App Store:

May 25, 2009

Mind Mapping and the Semantic Web

Recently in the blogosphere, it was question of the Google Wonder Wheel, a new way to visualize search results with the Google search engine. This option gives us the opportunity to use Google in a Mind Mapping / heuristic way. A very interesting article on the Mindjet blog underlines the possibility to work with Mindjet MindManager 8 and using Google within the same application.

For me, something else would be really a great and innovative feature for a Mind Mapping Software: the possibility to suggest relevant contents (information, links, pictures, videos, sounds, contacts, phone numbers and so on) depending on what we are creating / writing with in the mindmap. Just by clicking we could accept to complete or illustrate our keywords. This feature would work by analysing the subject, concepts and structure of our map. The latest version of MindMeister is able to search images on the web, in relation with the keywords, and to insert the images into the map, see the example below. This is just a start, when Mind Mapping Softwares will be able to ask the web for various contents depending on what we are writing, understanding our needs and searching, they will be fully 3.0

On an other way, representing search results as mindmaps, like Google Wonder Wheel or Kartoo is saying us that mind mapping is a tool that may be used more and more to navigate into the semantic web. Key words organized like a group around a central topic may represent a first semantic field about this topic.

Dec 2, 2008

Mindmeister : Free 3 Months Premium Licences

image I have got 10 Mindmeister Premium Licences (for 3 Months) to give away.  Using this license will  permit you to test fully Mindmeister, an excellent online Mind Mapping tool, during 3 months. If your are interested, please contact me here :  philippe at

Nov 29, 2008

Online collaborative tools 2008

This  Map is a live editable map of over 150 of the best free and low-cost online collaboration tools available, picked and selected by passionate users. Click the images to see the full, public, editable map. This collaborative map has been created with Mindmeister from over 100 individuals who have participated on November 17th in a unique event: Corporate Learning Trends and Innovations 2008.



Source : Masternewmedia