Visual Root: Collaborative and Creative Mind Mapping

You can check out this mind map here

Visual Root is a free web based tool to create collaborative mind-maps made from videos, images, and text. Visual Root mind maps are like threads in a forum, one person starts a mind map root, and other people add node responses. The size of each element of the map is determined by users up or downvoting individual nodes. There is a short tutorial on how to use Visual Root here.

It is a very interesting brainstorming tool. You can see at a glance which subjects are the most popular and how they are conected. It can also be useful for debates.  

In my opinion one of the key features of Visual Root is the possibility to export and download each map as a FreeMind file, then you can edit the map offline with a mind mapping software, given that most of the  mind mapping softwares are importing FreeMind maps.

Visual Root is also available as a Chrome App on the Chrome Web Store.


Nikel said…
There is no link to Visual Root ... Can You help me to find it ?
Hi Nikel,

Thank you for your comment, unfortunately Visual Root's development was stopped and the project disapeared.
Prabhat Dey said…
According to me, in terms of the best collaboration tools, I am using a software is called Mind Vector (One of my friends suggested me that). Which is cloud based, collaborative and having excellent features. It helps to create map for project planning, brainstorming, concep map making and more.