Solution Language : a new Mind Mapping Sogtware


Like Linux, this comes from Finland, a country where innovation belongs to the culture . Solution Language has a very organic visual aspect, it looks like hand made mindmaps, especially for the branches.  Starting with this software is rapid and simple. Creating and editing of the maps is extremely natural.

Planning business strategy with mind map

User interface
Symbol toolbar.
- Dropdown and popup menus.
- Shortcut keys.
- Quick and natural.
- Intelligent editing functions.
- Online help and samples


- Single document may contain several mind maps and activity maps.
- Solution Explorer.
- Navigation tabs.
- Navigation is fast.
- Several views can be shown simultaneously.


- Export to the Web.
- Export to graphics formats.
- Integrates with Office.
- Imports pictures, video and sound.
- Imports other documents.
- Hyperlinks and email links.