Step Aside, Left Brain: The Right Is Taking Over


Most of us are already aware that our brains consist of two very different sections, the right and the left. Separated by the fissure, the left and right cerebrals perform a somewhat opposite list of tasks. Since the discovery of two distinctive parts, many experts agree that in every individual, one side dominates. Traditionally speaking, being dominated by the left side was highly regarded because of its approach to thought and reasoning.

The general consensus seems to be that the left brain takes care of the math and logic side of life (yes, it’s true – we often refer to them as the “left brain” and “right brain”, even though we’re well aware that we only have one brain). The left side is frequently associated with thinking and language, and people who fall under this category usually do well in math and science.

The right brain, on the other hand, is connected to creativity, seeing the “big picture”, and abstract thinking. However, applying different brain types to people is actually based more on the thought processes that take place than the qualities that result. For example, let’s consider a fairly simple math problem. Someone who is left-brain dominant would follow a series of steps to find the correct answer, while a right-brain dominated individual could very well present the right answer without having any idea how they arrived at it.

For years, being left-brain dominant was considered a major asset, while right-brained individuals were regarded as less capable and best-suited to more imaginative jobs. According to many experts, that’s about to change. As it turns out, the creative, artistic characteristics of the right brain are next in line to influence the years ahead. Much of this speculation can be linked back to a shift in the workforce itself; times are changing, and so are the needs of the business world.

Design talent is just one aspect of the right-brain world that is growing in popularity. Almost everything you see, touch, and buy has an element of design to it, making right-brained people an indispensible part of the future. Once upon a time, businesses relied solely on customer service and sales. Millions of dollars were not invested in advertising and the Internet had yet to be born, forcing entrepreneurs to outshine the competition based on selling ability, product quality, and price. While these attributes remain a crucial part of success, they are now accompanied by advertising methods, marketing teams, and a group of designers who bring it all together.

Let’s face it, the phrase “struggling artist” was established for a reason. Now, a countless number of artists are crushing the old-fashioned stereotypes through a variety of mediums. As older companies pursue modernization and new businesses set up shop, owners and executives are in desperate need of individuals who can “think outside the box.” Enter the right brain.


Why is thinking outside the box important? It allows companies to compete with each other in ways never thought possible before now. Ingenious media ads, advanced electronics, and cutting-edge furniture designs are all putting businesses to the test. The right brain encompasses many aspects of the creative job market, including singers, retailers and interior designers. If it requires a strong sense of imagination, its delivery likely stemmed from the right brain. Business intelligence software development fits firmly into this category because creation is the core of all right-brained activities.


A recent theory suggests that right-brained business owners – not just employees and workers - are at the forefront of change. These types of employers are more flexible and allow their staff to work at their own pace, keep a minimum amount of rules and guidelines in place, and basing success on actions as well as words. The business realm is no longer focused merely on profit, with employers exposing their softer sides to staff members. Using a mix of empathy and appreciation, right-brained executives are attracting right-brained workers.

Despite the fact that the right brain may be deemed to flourish in the future, it’s important to point out that both sides of the brain are equally important. After all, a healthy combination of the two creates well-rounded individuals with distinctive personalities and unlimited abilities.


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