Using Mind Maps to solve Maths Problems and more

Heuristic is an adjective for methods that help in problem solving in turn leading to learning and discovery. These methods in most cases employ experimentation and trial and error techniques. In 2002 the psychologist Daniel Kahneman won the 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics for his work with heuristics and decision making.
I recently discovered this documents that link the heuristic approach for solving Problems with the use of Mind Mapping. From my point of view Mind Mapping is deeply linked with the heuristic approach, the use of metaphors and the construction of a model (the map itself) belongs to both techniques.


Anonymous said…
Fantastic post Philippe! I had never heard about the IDEAL acronym until now.

Anonymous said…
Excellent post Philippe, I have never heard of the IDEAL acronym before either. We have been looking at using mind maps to brainstorm cost/benefit attributes that we can then use in our decision making software. I think mind mapping and problem solving tools are definitely the way forward