Mindmap : Build your personal brand online

Loïc Le Meur is a French entrepreneur and blogger. Le Meur's personal weblog is one of the most widely read blogs in France. He is the founder of Seesmic.com
Last january he wrote (in French) a very interesting post about how to build your personal brand online. I found this post very useful and decided to make a mindmap of it, using NovaMind. Here is the result. Click on the map to view the full size.

Build your personal brand online


White Label SEO said…
Branding through different social media channels is essential to build an image.
seo norwich said…
Social connections work as a business network that connects you to your audience. This strategy works by converting your customers to referrers who could increase your sales exponentially.
Katleen Garcia said…
Even if you’re not looking for a new job, expanding your network opens many new professional connections that can enrich your career with new perspectives and potential partnerships. Here’s how to get started: building your personal brand on linkedin.