Sunni Brown, portrait of a visual thinking company

Browsing the Web I recently discovered Sunni Brown, a Austin based company specializing in visual thinking to support organizational and group activities . As we can see on the photo this Company uses techniques like Mindscaping to record meetings and brainstormings.
Here is a Powerpoint Presentation about Sunni Brown . According to Dan Pink's book "A whole new Mind", this kind of Company should grow during the next years.


Sunni Brown said…
Thank you for your post - as the owner of BrightSpot, I'm of course happy to hear that my type of business is expected to grow. That's good news. I haven't read Daniel Pink's book yet but it's on my wish list at Amazon. Even without reading it though, I can tell things are waking up in the area of visual thinking. Thank goodness.
Sunni Brown
Thanks a lot for your comment, I'm following your Twitter and to learn from your visual thinking expertise and know what's going on in this very interesting field.