Video : new mind mapping features in NovaMind 5

NovaMind announced, a few weeks ago, the release of NovaMind 5, due to ship in September/October 2009. Included in NovaMind 5 is a wide range of new topic shapes, providing the opportunity to create more visually rich Mind Maps. The new design elements include things such as floating topics, attached shapes, callouts, and “FlexiLine” topics which can be shaped as desired, and have the text flowing smoothly along the line. This applies also for the link lines which are used to show secondary relationships between topics - these now have a choice of over 30 terminators for the start or end of the line to indicate the nature of the relationship, as well as the ability to scale the terminator to show the relative importance of the relationships. Text labels can flow along the lines or be attached to the line at any point along the line, and multiple labels can be used per line.
The video below shows various o those new features :


Anonymous said…
Cool - I love NovaMind - simply the best Mind Mapping application already, and now they are making it much better. I've already got my NovaMind 5 license key and am eagerly awaiting the release :-)