Mentor Maps for Problem Solving

I recently discovered a very interesting video about how to use a mind mapping software for problem solving, in this case with FreeMind, an Open Source Mind Mapping Software . The author of this video, Thomas Teepe is Doctor in Mathematics, he have studied Genetic Algorithm and he is a Mind Mapper. Thomas writes in a very interesting blog called Problem, Strategies and Solutions.

His method for  problems solving consists in using  a Mentor Map that will guide us in order to create a complete and holistic overview of the problem, using management techniques like SWOT Analysis and so on.

In a second step we will create a Working Map that will gather the useful information in the way the Mentor Map helped use to do. This is very powerful because once you have created your mentor maps you will have the ability to respond clearly and quickly to various problem, creating a model that will help you to understand and solve the problems you'll face. Of course, this method works better in situations where you have time to think about a problem.