First Screenshot of Novamind 5

Novamind 5 should be be officially released on 28 April 2010. I strongly believe that this will be one of the major Mind Mapping Softwares events of this year  .  Here's a first screenshot. I will write soon about Novamind 5 and its main features. Some of them are indicated on the screenshot. Click on the picture to enlarge it.


Anonymous said…
I've had a look at it too, and was just blown away by it. Very cool. They have really thought through the Mind Mapping requirements very well. You can see that they really have redesigned the whole program from the ground up since v4. There are a few bells and whistles missing at this stage, but I understand they will be arriving as free updates soon, and the basics that are there now are easily better than any other Mind Mapping program I have ever used. NovaMind are definitely going places with the new version.
Gideon King said…
Thanks for the post and thanks to Anonymous for the comment. Very much appreciated. We're very much looking forward to the launch on the 28th.

(Gideon King, founder of NovaMind)
Thanks for those comments, the Community of NovaMind Users will be delighted by this new version.
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