Discovering SpiderScribe : a new and free online mind mapping tool

Spider Scribe is a free online visual mapping tool. With Spider Scribe you can add images, maps, calendars, text notes, and uploaded text files to your maps. It can be used as a collaboration tool. Here's a screenshot of the sharing options:
There are three types of maps:
  • Private (default)- the map is visible only to its creator and to the people it is shared with.
  • Public with the link - the map can be visible to anybody who has the direct link to it. People don't have to be logged into to see it.
  • Public on internet - the map can be found on internet and is visible to anybody. People don't have to be logged into to see it.
When sharing maps with other users, the Editors can also edit the maps, and the Readers can only view them. In order to edit a map a person has to be logged into
This is an example, a map quickly created and shared as public on internet.
SpiderScribe Klee