Infoxication MindMap
Mind Map created using  NovaMind 5 : click on it for better viewing
“What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes the attention of its recipients,” says the Nobel Prize winning economist Herbert Simon
We suffer Information Overload. An article published a fes days ago in the Spanish Newspaper El Pais covers this problem. Above is a summary of this article as a mind map.
According to the Spanish expert Alfons Cornell√° the Infoxication occurs when the information we receive exceeds our ability to treat it.
Infoxication is getting more problematic as our digital life is influenced by Hyperconnectivity. The ability to prioritize tasks, filter digital contents and sources, having activities free of electronic devices is an advantage for  taking better decisions, beeing more productive and more relaxed.
According to the author of the article we are going through an irreversible change: the exponential growth of information will accelerate and we will be more and more multitasking.

An anti-infoxication tool : Ommwriter 
  • Ommwriter:
    A  zen-like approach to writing that developped by Herraiz Soto & Co, an independent creative agency based in Barcelona. By combining a full-screen writing space with a completely clutter-free interface; clean, minimalist backgrounds, and ambient music, they have created something which becomes part of the writing process. Users can chose from the free version, or pay a (very) small fee (or more if you wish) for more options such as extra backgrounds and music options.


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