WikiSummarizer : Mind Mapping and Wikipedia

Beta Wikipedia Summarizer is  available here:  This is a very interesting tool that transforms Wikipedia articles (for the moment it works only in English) into a mind map.  You can then download it as a MindManager file.
WikiSummarizer extracts the key words in their contexts. Very useful if you are investigating a subject, WikiSummarizer accelerates the creation of a structured mind map, organizing the key information from Wikipedia.
If you use MindManager, you can open the Wikipedia, drag and drop images into your mind map. Here is an example. I searched "Design" and exported the result as a MindManager mind map, showing the first level's branches that you can open if you want to see more details. Then I imported into the map an image for the article  using drag and drop.

Here are the steps I followed, click on the screenshots to see them in the correct size.

Step 1 : Searching "Design" in WikiSummarizer

Step 2: Exporting the result as a mind map

Step 3: Editing the mind map and importing an image