Playing with MindGenius 4 Presentation Mode

I'm actually exploring the possibilities that offers MindGenius 4 for Mind Mapping. One of the key features of this brand new version of MindGenius is the Presentation Mode. It  allows you to turn a mindmap into a presentation and edit the slides like if you were using Powerpoint but within MindGenius.

Here is an example of a mindmap quickly created and exported as a presentation.

Collective intelligence MindMap Experience with Mindgenius 4

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MindGenius 4 has a lot of interesting features, I'll write more post about it. This video shows the main features of the new version.


Anonymous said…
In the collective intelligence presentation title slide, should it read mindview or mindgenius. The style and images in the branches certainly look like mindgenius 4.
I use mindgenius a lot and find it as adaptable and easy to use as I could want. I'm looking forward to using the presentation mode, especially being able to edit and expand and contract branches from within presentation mode while you are presenting.
You're right, I upgraded the title. Thanks