Live Mind Mapping at TEDGlobal 2011

Live Mind Mapping TEDGlobal 2011

This week took place the famous  TEDGlobal 2011 Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, but was simulcast in The Hague. During the conferences  Alexis van Dam and Mathieu van der Wal created Live Mindmaps using MindMeister, the online mindmapping application.
They made about 30 mindmaps. You can browse this interactive map below to discover the various conferences mindmaps.


Anonymous said…
The TEDGlobal conference took place in Edinburgh, Scotland, but was simulcast in The Hague, where Alexis and Jerre live mind mapped it from.
Thanks, I'll update the post.
Filippo Dibari said…
from where can i download the ted ? thanks
You can watch online various speeches here:
Alexis van Dam said…
It was very interesting to do after 2 times TEDxAmsterdam and TEDxRotterdam. Hope you like the mindmaps?

Please have a look at for other livemindmap sessions on events.

Regards Alexis
Thanks for your comment. The mindmaps look great and this is a very good idea. I believe that Live Mind Mapping will grow during the next years.