Vector Doodlekit: hand made icons for mind mapping

There is currently a huge offer of free icons for illustrating our mind maps  (see my Free icons mindmap ). 

However, it is more difficult to find a high quality  icon set with an hand made appearance and  over 700 items. This is what Vector Doodlekit provides, but it's not free, the current price is 29 €, about 40$. 

The mindmap below includes several icons from the set. Click on the map to see it in high definition.

The strength of Vector Doodlekit is the icons simplicity, personally I use it also as a source of inspiration to train drawing visual metaphors on my notebook. Icons are available in 512x512 size as transparent PNG files and as vector graphics. 


Matt Tanguay said…
Hey Philippe,

I love this set of icons! I bought it and I use it whenever I hand out a mind map to a client that we did together in a session.

It adds a nice personal touch to the maps.

I really like the fact that they're transparent - they fit on any background color.

Thanks for sharing them!

Hi Matt,
Thank you for your comment. It is a very useful set of icons.