Mapping songs lyrics: Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles

One of the key skills of a visual mapper is to be able to identify and represent patterns when analyzing a situation, trying to solve a problem, planning a project, etc...

This skill can also be used in order to understand and to show the structures of songs lyrics. Here are some examples.

Mindmapping Jimi Hendrix song "The Wind Cries Mary"
This beautiful mindmap was created by Paul Foreman, one the most creative visual mappers I know. He also turned into a mindmap "Dust in the wind" by Sarah Brightman.

The Wind Cries Mary Mind Map

Diagramming the Beatles song "Hey Jude".
This amazing video was created using Lucidchart, a web based  diagramming tool.


Frederic VEVE said…
Love it ! well done !!
Paul Foreman said…
Thanks for the mention Philippe :)
Paul and Frédéric: thanks for your comments.