Mapping the online presence

A few months ago  we started a new project called Conectivitiz, an Innovation Agency that uses Visual Mapping as a central tool.

We progressively created various accounts on social networks and file sharing platforms in order to develop our on line presence and make our contents visible.

It was time to organize our online presence. Starting with a hand drawn mindmap, I created a digital one using the mind mapping software Novamind as you can see below.

Conectivitiz Online Presence

Some following sites are quoted on the visual map:

Corporate Website:

Blogs Network:

In English:
Visual Thinking, Mind Mapping, Visual Mapping Software, ...

In Spanish:
Visual Thinking, Innovatioin and Mind Mapping:

In French:
Mind Mapping, Software and Actuality of Visual Mapping.


Jamie Nast said…
Nice job Philippe! Looking forward to watching this unfold.

Thank you Jamie for your comment.