Turn images into full interactive visual maps

Among the mind mappers Community  tools like MindMeister, Mindomo, Mind42 or Wisemapping are well known. They allow you to create interactive visual maps that you can publish in a blog or a website.

But what about hand drawn visual maps? Thanks to Thinglink, you can upload an image and make it interactive, embedding  media from Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitter and more. Then you can publish this interactive image on Thinglink or, using a code, on your website. You'll receive weekly stats about your image: views, clicks, etc.

Here are two examples on how you can use Thinglink. The first one is a hand drawn mind map about the book titled The Emotionally Intelligent Manager. As you can check it out, there are some medias that you can preview within the map, some notes and links you can click on.

The second example is a visual map we created using NovaMind for showing our online presence at Conectivitiz. We used Thinglink to make it clickable.