New ebook about FreeMind

Especially effective for teachers and students, Mind Mapping with FreeMind is available in e-book and print on demand formats here. With a lot of examples, tips and visual aids, this ebook helps to enhance your knowledge about FreeMind and Freeplane (a new, different and improved version of FreeMind). 

Despite that previous experience with FreeMind and Freeplane is optional; it will be also useful for FreeMind users that want to improve their use of this software. 

I liked the easy-to-follow instructions and the simple language that really helps non-specialists to make a smart use of FreeMind for the needs of teachers and students. I especially appreciated tips like how to export a mind map as Flash or hot to embed a picture from Flickr. 

Among the examples there are many recipes about how to combine FreeMind and Freeplane with other free softwares and web services like Flickr, Outlook Express, Open Office and so on. But if you don’t want to download these softwares or to sign up to these web services, you won’t be able to enjoy various recipes from this ebook. 

About the author: Silvina P.Hillar is an Italian citizen whos has been teeching English since 1993. She wrote vaious books about modern technologies and Education. 

The ebook’s structure 
Map created with FreeMind

Conclusion: I recommend this easy to read ebook especially for teachers and students who want to discover FreeMind or enhance their use of this software. You'll find plenty of interesting examples.

About FreeMindFreeMind is an open source mind mapping software that enables you to visualize ideas, projects, concepts, brainstorming, internet research or any other task that can benefit from a structured overview, it has been downloaded more that 16 millions times during the last years.