Our approach of Visual Mapping

Visual Mapping's Concept Map
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What is the common point between sketchnoting, mind mapping and storyboarding? 

The response is "Visual Mapping". After using and teaching many visual thinking techniques over the last years, at Conectivitiz, we decided to make an integration of what we consider as the most valuable ones and to call it "Visual Mapping".  All of these techniques make use of imagination as well as logic and seek a global structured vision.

In the Concept Map at the top of the page, we can see what are the main components of Visual Mapping, its main uses and benefits.  


Anonymous said…
I've been slowly transitioning all my visual mapping from paper and powerpoint to some of the free online tools available. I've probably tried 4-5 different options. My favorite so far is www.lucidchart.com. They do Concept Maps, venn diagrams, orgcharts, flowcharts, just about everything. They also let you share your map with other!!! :) YOu can have a whole team working on a map at the same time. Just like google docs. Thanks for the post!! :)