Two iPad Apps for improving your computer mindmaps and presentations

During my visual mapping training in Spain and in France, people often ask me where I've found the images and icons I use in my presentations and visual maps. Most of these images are created using two powerful and intuitive iPad Apps: Paper and Tayasui Sketches. Here are some details and examples.


Paper for iPad allows you to create titles, images, numbers, simple graphics and icons with a creative touch. This will help you to improve the visual impact of your maps and presentations.
Made with Paper
In the example below, I've added various icons made with paper into a XMind Mindmap.

Paper is very intuitive, in the following video you'll see its main features and some sample drawings.

Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches, like Paper, is intuitive and allows you to create quickly and easily beautiful images and icons for your visual maps.

Made with Tayasui Sketches
Here are some icons I created using Tayasui Sketches.

In a second step, I added these icons into a XMind minmap.

Various Visual Thinking and Mind Mapping authors and experts  recommend to create a Personal hand drawn Icon Library. With IPad Apps such as Paper and Tayasui Sketches, you can not only create this Personal Icon Library but you can also use these icons into your computer mindmaps and your presentations.