WikiBrains: a Visual tool for Knowledge Discovery

Source: WikiBrains

Digital Serendipity

Wikibrains is a tool for exploring  visually how words, names, ideas and concepts are connected. This online tool is giving us access to a collective brain based on a growing database of semantically linked information and knowledge. 

Exploring connections with Wikibrains is also a creative process because you can modify the connections, provide your own, see how the tool  suggests connections between your ideas. 

Finally you get an interactive visual map as you can see above.

How it works 

"An idea, is a network of neurons firing inside your brain" said best-selling author Steven Johnson.  

Each time you confirm or add a connection , you are, like inside a human brain, strengthening a part of the neural network or creating a new path. 

When you type two subjects, Wikibrains instant search the "road" between them into the database. You can accept it or erase it. Your are connected to the Wisdom of Crowds

How you can use it 


In my opnion, the main use of Wikibrains is brainstorming, ideas and knowledge exploration. 

The mindmap approach is obvious and I'm sure that a lot of mind mappers will be interested in using this visual tool, especially when it will be possible to export a WikiBrains map as a mind mapping software file like MindManager, XMind, FreeMind.... 


Another main use of WikiBrains is Learning: it will help you to check out how concepts and ideas are connected. 

Finally, WikiBrains is a very promising visual thinking tool for Knowledge Workers, Students, Consultants, Designers, Advertisers etc..