Pictofigo: more than 7.000 freehand drawings for your mind maps

As Mind Mapping expert and blogger Chuck Frey wrote: Images add visual interest to your mind maps.  

Pictofigo is a webpage that provides more than 7.000 freehand drawings organized alphabetically and by tags. 

The amount of available images is growing fast and it would not be surprising to count more than 10.000 images on Pictofigo soon. 

This freehand drawings can add visual interest not only to your mind maps but also to your presentations, storyboards, blog posts.... 

The founders of Pictofigo, an India-based startup,  want to provide creative, clear and neutral drawings that can be used in various countries and contexts. 

Most of the drawings are in black and white but a growing number of new images have more colors like orange, red, green and blue (see example below). 

The benefits of using Pictofigo are multiple:

  • consistency of the visual style, very useful if you use various Pictofigo drawings within a map, document or  presentation.
  • clarity and simplicity  will help to make your maps or document easier to understand and to create better interest
  • A freehand Drawing Search Engine: you can find easily a drawing thanks to the search box, the alphabetical list or the tags.
  • Drawings about very specific topics such as Agile or Six Sigma

I highly recommend you to visit Pictofigo, you'll have an opportunity to discover amazing sets of elegant drawings that can really help you for improving your mind maps, presentations, texts and so on.