Tony Buzan launches new free E-Learning Program about Mind Mapping

A very interesting resource is now available online for learning how to mindmap or improving your mind mapping skills.

It's free and no sign-up is necessary.

Published by ThinkBuzan, this E-Learning Program is very clear and intuitive. 

With various examples, short videos and concise explanations, this program is essentially an introduction to the science behind Mind Mapping, its fundamental principles and a Guide to creating Mind Maps. 

Some free additional and useful contents are also available within the website:

  • A Mindmap Gallery with more than 40 high quality mindmaps
  • A downloadable 85 page document about the scientific facts behind the technique 

 It's always a good news to discover that new, free and valuable contents about Mind Mapping are available. Especially as these contents come from Mr Buzan himself. 

You can also find out interesting videos on ThinkBuzan Youtube channel here.