Dadaviz: a new website for quality data visualizations

We are at a point where data and information are more and more widely available, and the visual language of data and informations is becoming more popular.

The Web itself is increasingly based on visual communication. In this a visual thinking era the terms "data visualizations" and "infographics" remain often used interchangeably.

What is the difference?

Infographics use a lot of illustrations and design, they are often hand crafted and used to tell a story or answer a question.

Data visualizations are used to let the user find his own answer and are often created automatically. They help to quickly interpret complex information, with different kind of data.


What is

Dadaviz is a new website. Its purpose of is to provide quality data visualizations on a daily basis. Dadaviz creates a curated stream for quality data visualizations, helping us to develop our critical thinking skills as well as our visual literacy skills.

I love the idea, it's like an independent Music Label that produces and distributes its own exclusive quality music. In addition, Dadaviz is very intuitive, its user interface has a minimalistic design, seeking clarity and simplicity.

Dadaviz is updated every day and we can choose to a daily or weekly subscription in order to discover brand new data visualizations.