Video: Using Mindmaps in Legal Education

Jeffrey Ritter, Georgetown Law, Mapping the Law: Building and Using Visual Mindmaps in Legal Education from Michele Pistone on Vimeo.

This video is part of a video collection from the Igniting Law Teaching, hosted by LegalED at American University Washington College of Law. Responding to the calls for legal education reform, the conference -- the first of its kind -- created a forum for professors experimenting with cutting edge technologies and techniques in law teaching with the goal of spreading their ideas to the broader community.
The talks were modeled on TEDx Talks, with each speaker on stage alone, giving a well scripted and performed talk about an aspect of law school pedagogy. 


Unknown said…
Very interesting presentation. Concept maps work well when the concepts fit into a nice, neat hierarchy. Many times, we would like to show associations to concepts outside of the hierarchy but the concept map ends up having a lot of crossed lines and is hard to understand. There is a software tool called the "Idea Shuffler" that works well with both hierarchical and non-hierarchical structures. The tool supports layers of interconnected diagrams, single click supporting documentation, and automated location of concepts. By the way, this tool has been used to organize and understand the information in a complex legal case.
There is an overview video at
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