When Diagramming meets Pop Songs

One the most important skills in Visual Thinkins is the ability to understand and to reveal the underlying structure of the content. In the fantastic video above, created using Lucidchart, a powerful diagramming application with collaborative features, we can witness how it is possible to turn a song into a beautiful lyrical flowchart. 


The company behind Lucidchart is currently launching a competition: the Songtacular Flowdown

Basically, it’s a competition between lyrical flowcharts of popular songs from the 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, and 2010’s. Each week, four new videos of lyrical flowcharts will face-off head-to head.

You can vote on eight popular songs and also win a $500 Amazon gift card if you predict the final winner. The Flowdown will run for 5 weeks, up until August 14th.

With this competition, Lucidchart is brilliantly connecting Music, Gamification and Visual Thinking, making diagrams fun and interesting!