New Visual Mapping Workshop in Luxembourg

We are thrilled to announce the launching of our Visual Mapping Workshop (Level A) in Luxembourg thanks to a partnership with ChatterBox Education and A Magical Butterly.

Mastering Visual Thinking skills is a critical skill base for managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, researchers, coaches, educators and trainers.

Our Visual Mapping Method is a unique combination of various Visual Thinking Techniques such as Mind Mapping, Sketchnoting, Design Thinking, Images as metaphors .... 

The Visual Mapping workshop are organized in steps or "levels" from Level A until Level C (Certification) as you can see below.

About the Level A

In this module "level A", participants learn the basics of Visual Mapping, a global visual language. They learn to create and effectively use different types of visual techniques to "speak the visual language" in different situations: presentations, task management, meetings, brainstorming ideas, innovative pedagogy and visual note taking. 

At the completion of the training, a certificate will be given. You will also receive a digital booklet summarizing the key points of the workshop and providing associated resources (bibliography, links, software and apps ...) to go further in your step!

If your are interested please fill in the contact form and we will send you the Training Information and pricing pdf