2 free tools to improve the visual impact of your mindmaps

Here are two free tools to create attractive and fun titles. With these two applications, you will be able to improve the visual impact of your software mindmaps. Both apps are free and easy to use. We will discover them now.

1) TextGiraffe 

TextGiraffe  offers over 150 effects / styles to create our titles. It's an online tool. Once you have chosen an effect (or style), just enter the text in a dialog box. 

The application then generates an image that we will be able to download in PNG format. Simple, practical, but we can not change colors or modify effect/ style we have chosen.

It's a fun, fast solution. A tool particularly indicated when one wants to go fast or that one wants to privilege the informal aspect of the title.

2) Letters for Mac

Letters is also a free tool but it only works on Mac.

Letters offers forty text effects / styles. For those who want more, there is the possibility of buying them one by one or by pack.

With Letters, we can make changes for each style: colors, text orientation and typography. It is even possible to import an image or photo to create a composition.

The export options are many: image, pdf or even Photoshop document.

Letters is a more complete tool, more professional than TextGiraffe, perhaps less fun but it allows more settings and export options.

Link: https://text.design/letters/

Giving relief to information, creating a visual impact without falling into a decorative approach. This is how I suggest to use these two tools. I'm planning to make use them in various of my software mindmaps.


Digital Doodler said…
#DigitalDoodler Thanks for the heads up - I will certainly take a look at Letters