Online Mind Mapping with MindMeister and Mindomo

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Personally, I have been a constant user of MindMeister for several years and I’m very satisfied with this online Mind Mapping software. It has a particularly clear user interface, an easy handling and it is really very effective for creating collaborative mind maps. 

This does not, of course, prevent me from being interested in learning about other Mind Mapping Software. And Mindomo is, along with MindMeister, one of the best online Mind Mapping Software. 

The map at the top of this page shows and completes the key arguments of a very interesting video published a few months ago by Simpletivity Channel on Youtube , entitled "Best Mind Mapping Software: Mindomo vs MindMeister (Review)" and which you can watch below. 

The author compares MindMeister and Mindomo using a few key points: 
 - Viewing options
 - Interface & Ease of use
 - Note editing
 - Collaboration
 - Apps & Access 

One of the conclusions of this comparison is that MindMeister is very good for the ease of handling and for the clarity of the Interface while Mindomo is distinguished by the diversity of options offered (Gantt chart, outline view, mind and concept map…).