doUmind: an amazing Mind Map Scanner!

A brand new Android App, doUmind, can capture a hand drawn Mind Map and turn it into a Powerpoint or FreeMind editable document. This will particularly grab the attention of Mind Map Users!

Once taken a photo of your hand drawn Mind Map, more precisely a Bubble Map, doUmind extracts its structure and allow you to type text for each node, using a Mind Map Recognition Technology. Then you can use the Editor and custom the Design. 

Finally you have to possibility to export it into various formats: text, image, PDF or Mind Mapping Software such as MindMeisterXMindMindManager.

At the end of a meeting or of a brainstorming session, with doUmind you'll be able snap a picture of the Mind Map drawn on the board and send an organized, clean mind map to all the meeting attendees!

Exporting in PowerPoint format will create a particularly elegant optimized layouts (see the example below).

You can check out how it works in this short video:

It's a tool we've been waiting for! Mind mapping practitioners will be very happy to have a bridge between their hand-drawn draft maps and the world of software, whether Powerpoint or a mind mapping application.

doUmind is quick to learn and is also a rapidly evolving application.

Since I discovered it a little while ago, new features have been added and I think the developers will continue to do so.

For the moment doUmind is only available on Android, an iOS version is under development. I highly recommend that you try it and adopt it!