Managing PDF documents with Smallpdf

A few days ago, some friends recommended me a free online tool that I didn't know yet: Smallpdf. And it was an excellent surprise! Let's find out more about Smallpdf in this article.

The importance of the PDF format

The PDF format is nowadays a necessity for document exchange. Especially in the world of Business and Education.

PDFs can contain links, buttons, form fields, sound, video and an electronic signature.

What is Smallpdf?

Smallpdf is a web application that will allow you to easily perform a large number of actions with your PDF files: merge several PDFs into one document or, on the contrary, split them. 

It is possible to convert a PDF file to another format (Word, JPG, Powerpoint and Excel) or reduce its size without any loss of quality.

This program also allows you to add a password or number the pages on your PDFs. There are a total of PDF 21 tools available.

Created by a Swiss company. Translated into 24 languages, Smallpdf is among the 500 most visited websites in the world.

The main advantages

Three advantages have particularly caught my attention:

Available on all platforms
Smallpdf works on any computer, through the web browser, but also on iOS and Android. It also offers downloadable software for Windows and Mac.

Ease of use
PDF files can be handled quickly and easily. We have been able to reduce the size of a PDF file by 70%, merge several PDFs or number the pages, all in a few clicks.

The files that you process with Smallpdf are deleted from their servers one hour after processing to ensure greater protection of your data. In addition, connections and file transfers are secured by 256-bit SSL encryption.


Smallpdf is available for use entirely free, or you can relish additional benefits by paying a tiny monthly fee.