The value of the tribe

Image by Rawpixel

These days of pandemic and overwhelming natural phenomena have emphasized something that has been there for a while: the need of relying on the known, as opposed to the unknown. That is, the importance of trust, the importance of cooperation between people.

Clans were created in the old age as a means of survival, as a way of facing adversity. Nowadays, communities, tribes, play that role. Through social media tools as a means to an end, the value of the informal economy emerges in a period of uncertain future. Work opportunities are there, not probably in the shape we were used to, and co-creating and collective design thinking and visual thinking tools are skills that can help us solve this puzzle.

Social media should be encouraged to improve and strengthen relationships, otherwise they would get us more isolated. Adam Grant's Give and Take book is a guide that could help us embrace the How can I help you? 

Communities and tribes are something incredibly valuable, tangible and with the potential of generating abundance, in times of feared scarcity.

Guest Post by Carlos Carbajo