Visual Project Management with [Perspectives]

Perspectives is an online collaborative tool for visual project management thanks to the mindmap format. A dynamic, secure, shared visualization is now available to teams that include clients, suppliers and colleagues.

In this interview, let's discover this new and very promising tool and its creator, André Van Schel.

Mindmap display is one of the key features of Perspectives. Why this choice?

To explain Perspectives, I have to start by telling you that I am a profound recidivist mono-slider. The first time I did it, I thought it was just a bump in the road... that might be cured. đŸ™‚

I realize that intuitively the higher the stakes become, the more schematic and synthetic my presentations become Mono-slide mode.

On the one hand, my personal modus operandi requires me to spread out and visually check that I articulated the different concepts logically in a coherent overall proposal. On the other hand, I think that mind mapping also allows the audience to grasp the essentials (the 20% that determine 80% of the project's success) almost instantaneously and to enable a dialogue on a shared basis. Everything is on the table, within reach. The best idea is usually a simple one.

Coming back to Perspectives, my ambition is to reproduce this same experience through our solution.

To do everything possible to ensure that the initial concept of a project, as it may have convinced its audience, remains visible, endures, evolves and can serve as a guideline throughout the project's life.

The lack of meaning, of visibility is a crucial  factor of disengagement in business, it is vital to restore the individual action in a global Perspectives and finally to answer your question, I perceive the mindmap as the essential table of contents of ideas/proposals.

What are the main features of Perspectives?

Perspectives makes it possible to structure information as simply as one could with an Excel spreadsheet, while taking advantage of the tree-like mindmap view and being supported by a powerful database.

Working with Perspectives looks like this:

We have used the basic features illustrated above to prepare ready-to-use business modules.

  • Project management
  • Product roadmap
  • Innovation
  • Asset Management 
  • Commercial Offer

For who is Perspectives mainly designed?

The product is primarily directed to teams working on fast-moving projects, regardless of whether you are a manager or an analyst. As soon as you realize that a collaboration requires numerous email exchanges, between more than two people, with documents exchanged and decisions to be made, a collaboration tool brings value.

If you need to centralize the information, show the structure and priorities and allow newcomers to see the key aspects directly. Perspectives becomes essential.

A good example is the crisis management, many unknowns, many stakeholders (internal/external), the need for a quick response, for a coherent communication and for a coordinated reaction is critical. 

Perspectives is the platform that will enable this type of team to be effective.

How long has Perspectives been running?

It's an idea that starts in 2019, accelerates in 2020 and we're working towards an explosion in 2022.

Do you also use other visual tools? Which ones?

One of my favorite visual tools is the GPS navigator in my car. My sense of direction is such that I get lost in video games as quickly as I do in the directories on my hard drive (yes, yes, that explains it :-))

Otherwise, depending on the need, I use Mindmeister, Lucidchart, graph databases (neo4j) which interface is very visual, Illustrator and 3DSmax.