Discovering iOctopus, a new and original mind mapping tool

A new online mind mapping software is beginning to attract attention. Called iOctopus, it stands out from most other mind mapping solutions with its playful style and attractive visual appearance.

As a web application, iOctopus is accessible from any browser. It allows you to work on a mind map alone or in collaborative mode. Any map can, if we choose, be shared online publicly.

The main strength of this new solution is that it offers an attractive visual rendering, clear and with flexible branches, quite close to the rules of mind mapping defined by the founder of the technique, Tony Buzan. Creating a mind map with iOctopus is both intuitive and enjoyable.

The developers, Evgenia Selishcheva and Roman Mavliutov, based in St. Petersburg, announce that new features will continuously be added.

iOctopus pricing is very affordable. The free version allows you to create 21 maps with the basic features. The paid version offers an unlimited amount of maps, the choice of colors and images to improve the look of the maps as well as task progress indicators.

You can try it, free of charge and without registration, in a sandbox by clicking here. This test version automatically re-initializes after 10 minutes.


iOctopus arrives in a sector where the competition is strong.  By making the choice to be clearly different by its playful and visually appealing style, it has chances to make a place for itself and to conquer a growing  audience looking for an application where simplicity, efficiency and originality are are essential elements.