New Book: Organise ideas by Oliver Caviglioli and David Goodwin

Today I would like to tell you about a new book I recently had the pleasure to read: Organise Ideas.  Richly illustrated, extensively documented, the book explains in great detail how choosing and designing the right graphic organisers can affect how much information students understand and remember,

The authors:

Oliver Caviglioli is a visual thinking expert and author of several books on its use in education.

David Goodwin is a geography professor and visual thinking practitioner.

The content

The authors distinguish and present 4 types of graphic organisers: for defining something, comparing something, sequencing something temporally or showing cause and effect

With a rigorous discussion of evidence and meticulous explanatory approach, this book is saying that we organise ourselves in space in a similar way to how we organise ideas in our heads. Graphic organisers allow us to externalise our thinking.

Without them, you can only really think of a few things at a time before getting overwhelmed. So when you put what’s in your head out there, you can think of more things, and you can physically arrange them. 

Over 35 visual organizers  are  explained for step-by-step construction. Over 50 teachers each have a double-page spread in which they reveal how they use them in their teaching - across the full age range and span of subjects. 

Although it focuses mostly on graphic organisers, Organise Ideas is an essential reference for all those who wish to enrich their teaching through visual thinking.