Unlocking Your Inner Innovator: The Transformative Power of Creative Confidence

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Have you ever thought you weren't creative? That creativity was reserved for artists, writers, or inventors? Think again! Creative confidence is that little spark that allows you to believe in your own creativity and take action. Imagine a work environment where every team member believes in their creative potential and is encouraged to express it. This is where creative confidence comes into play. This concept, developed by David Kelley, teaches us that creativity is not an exclusive gift, but an accessible skill for everyone and essential for fostering innovation. 

Who is David Kelley?

David Kelley is a renowned figure in the field of design and innovation. He is the founder of IDEO, one the world’s leading innovation and design agency David is also the d.school’s founder, a hub for innovation, collaboration and creativity at Stanford University. 

Here is the video of his TED talk on creative confidence.

Creativity is like a muscle 

According to David Kelley, creativity is like a muscle that you can maintain and strengthen. It involves using your imagination to create something new, whether it's an idea, an object, or a new way of seeing the world. The key point is that we all have creative potential that is waiting to be tapped.

The Influence of Albert Bandura

The concept of creative confidence relies heavily on the work of psychologist Albert Bandura, a pioneer in social psychology. Bandura is best known for his theory on self-efficacy, the belief that each individual has the ability to influence their own internal functioning as well as the events that affect their life. This belief is at the heart of each individual's motivation and commitment.

Taking Action through Visual Thinking practices

By taking action, you shape your belief in your own ability to succeed, which in turn influences your future behaviors and decisions, according to Bandura’s works.

Incorporating drawing into your visual thinking practices is a powerful way to boost your creative confidence. 

Sketching your ideas engages your mind differently. The act of drawing itself becomes an exploratory exercise, allowing you to see new connections and possibilities. This hands-on approach to problem-solving and idea generation fosters a sense of accomplishment and self-assurance, further solidifying your creative confidence. 

Our workshops are designed to boost participants' creative confidence by helping them master key visual thinking techniques.