Idea Mapping : One of the best books I ever read about Visual Thinking and Mapping


The Author

Jamie Nast is one of the most respected Idea/Mind Mapping expert in the World. She regularly conducts workshops around the world and is a member of the Learning Consortium. Ultimately she made a conference about Idea Mapping in Viz Think 2008, the international conference of Visual Thinkers in San Francisco and published an incredible map of the conference. See here :


The benefits of Mapping

Idea Mapping shows the benefits of Mapping like visualizing and communicating rapidly complex information, understanding the relationships, capturing ideas or gaining consensus during meetings.

A useful Tool

This book, that includes various maps created by more than twenty people, really helps you to develop your ability to organize visually your ideas and to improve your creativity. It is very pragmatic and effective because based upon many years of experience and reflection.

I have read this book with great pleasure and with the feeling of improving my thinking abilities thru simples and powerful exercises .

Check out the map of the book to see the titles and subjects.

The CD

Idea Mapping includes a free 21 days trial of Mindjet Mind Manager, one of the best Mapping Software, on a CD


I strongly recommend Idea Mapping because this book permits to combine a deep reflection about the Idea Mapping Process with Practice and step by step exercises.


Click on the map to see a high definition version