SimpleDiagrams : A Brand New Software for Visual Thinking

I recently discovered a new Software dedicated to visual thinking. It’s downloadable for free here  
This software is very light, working under Adobe Air and then indifferently on Mac, Windows or Linux.
As  using it , I was thinking about  Dan Roam’s excellent book “The Back of the Napkin” that explains how to use Visual Thinking with simple pictures for solving problems or clarifyning complex situations . And it is exactly what SimpleDiagrams does : it helps using simple shapes, in a hand-drawn style in order to explain processes, arguments, etc ....
With SimpleDiagrams you can also create a clean mindmap, with organic branches and useful icons. 
See below

Some Features :
  • Drag, drop and size symbols from libraries
  • Add photos and post-notes
  • Various background styles (chalkboard, whiteboard, etc.)
  • Save diagrams on your computer
  • Export your diagram to PNG


In my opinion, this software has several advantages:
  • Ability to create mind maps
  • Encourages creativity through the use of visual metaphors.
  • Encourages simplicity and clarity
  • Works on Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Easy to use
  • Free version fully usable
  • Clean, like hand drawn, visual rendering


Peter Jones said…
Hi Philippe, I will check the visualization, diagram links at:

and add you there if missing.

You and your users may also find Hodges' model of interest as a conceptual springboard for creativity, reflection and innovation:

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Hi Peter,

Thank for your comment. The links you added are very interesting and useful.

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