How to add fun to your visual communication

Fun allows you to introduce a playful, informal and motivating dimension into your communication . It is also a powerful stimulant for creativity within a team.

Here is a selection of visual tools and resources that will help you add fun to your visual communication.

Mind Mapping


As we wrote in a previous post, iOctopus is a new web based mind mapping software with a fun and creative approach. It allows you to create simple, creative  and organic mindmaps, close to handmade maps. 

Link: iOctopus

Facilitating meetings


Butter is a new video conferencing platform. It aims to make videoconferences more dynamic, informal and fun. 

Butter allows you to use playful avatars, funny reactions to discussions and to personalize the waiting rooms with Music.

Link: Butter


Opendo is a new toolbox which aims to make meetings and training sessions more dynamic and fun. Very useful for online meetings and trainings.

Among the many features offered by Opendo, here are a few:

  • Quiz
  • Icebreaker
  • Polls
  • Buzzer
  • Collaborative whiteboard
  • Puzzle

Opendo is available as a web app or as an app on iOS or Android.

Link: Opendo

Wheel of names

Wheel of Names is a free online tool where the spinning wheel random decides which name is the winner of a raffle. Very useful for online meetings and online training sessions.

Link: Wheel of Names


A free online generator of story dice. Very useful for a fun distance learning activity, as an icebreaker, or to get participants talking by using their sense of improvisation and fun.

Link: Storydice

Photos and illustrations


A free online software, also available for smartphones, which allows you to generate montages and special effects in a few clicks. You can create amazing visuals.

Link: Photofunia


Gratisography offers a lot of photos and illustrations with free license for commercial and personal use. All images can be downloaded in high resolution.

The particularity of this site is to propose photos and illustrations that are totally offbeat, surprising and humorous. A very original site.

Link: Gratisography

Open Doodles

Dozens of original and funny illustrations in image or animated GIF format to download. We can even change the colours. A free tool.

Link: Open Doodles

Emoji Constructor

A free tool, without registration and very nice to create your own emojis and download it.

Link: Emoji Constructor

I hope this selection has been useful and inspiring to you. If you have other resources and visual tools for fun to recommend, don't hesitate to leave a comment so that I can add it to this article, once your suggestion is validated.