Mind Mapping: introducing the all-new MindMeister


Yesterday, MindMeister, the pioneer of collaborative mind mapping, officially launches its new version that will delight mind mapping enthusiasts! Here's an overview of what's new.

Starting from today, all new users will only have access to the new version. Existing users can choose to use either the old or the new version.

Map Editor

The new map editor includes an intuitive, inline context menu. This replaces the sidebar in the older interface. From here, you can change a topic's visual style and access other features quickly. The new editor is generally cleaner and more modern. That means you can easily edit your maps and discover new Panda features intuitively.


The new MindMeister is built to be flexible. The software has improved topic formatting, including new options for size, style, shape, color and layout.

New Map Layouts

MindMeister has updated map layout options to support org charts and lists– you can even have multiple topic types in the same map. They also included a highly-requested feature: free positioning for every topic.  

Outline Mode

Outline mode unifies two popular note-taking styles, linear notes and mind maps. You can automatically convert outline lists into mind maps (and vice versa) by selecting “Outline” or “Mind Map''. It’s perfect for planning and structuring essays or reports.

Improved MeisterTask Integration

The new MeisterTask integration is much more powerful and intuitive. Previously, you could only link each mind map to a single project in MeisterTask. Now you can link each mind map to any number of projects in MeisterTask and export tasks to the appropriate project.