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Feb 17, 2018

Using a mindmap to share your online presence

Mind Mapping can be a very easy and effective way to summarize and share your online presence. You can quickly structure your online presence and insert the links to your different social media accounts .

I decided to use MindMeister, one of the best online mind mapping tools,  tho create  my "digital identity" mindmap, as you can see beyond. 

Once the mindmap created,  MindMeister gave me the option to embed it on my blog.

Here is the clickable mindmap, you can also enlarge it:

Nov 11, 2017

Sketchnote: Jazz, Improvisation and Leadership

I drew this sketchnote (as shown above) listening to Natalie Nixon's talk at TEDx Philadelphia in 2014 about Improvisation, Jazz, Leadership and Collective Intelligence.

Natalie Nixon is Director of the Strategic Design MBA program and Associate Professor in Fashion Merchandising & Management at Philadelphia University, she works to connect the dots between theory and practice.

In a jazz combo, each player performs at the top of their game, building a flow of music out of potential chaos -- by listening hard to one another and embracing mistakes. Natalie Nixon lays out the 7 rules of such “chaordic” systems, flirting between order and chaos, and shows how you can borrow from great players to boost your own creative flow.

Here is the video of Natalie's talk:

Mar 19, 2017

About Agile and Visual Thinking

The context 

We are facing a new paradigm: our environment is fast changing and the information is increasingly plethoric. Various professionals use the acronym “VUCA” (standing for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) for describing the world we are living in. And the term “Information overload” is used to qualify the context of our day to day work. Managers and Teams need to adapt themselves quickly and to digest tons of information in very short time laps. Problems are increasingly complex. 

The response

In response to this challenging situation, we can observe a shift towards a New Management Mindset within organizations and especially among high performance teams. A new mindset where Agile and Visual Thinking play a critical role. In the compare-and-contrast map above, I tried to represent and underline the complementarity of both movements. The are definitively transforming the way we work and learn.

In our Visual Thinking workshops we help managers and teams to adopt this New Management Mindset, learning Visual Thinking methodologies.

Feb 22, 2017

Bridging the gap between Visual Thinking, Agile and Positive Psychology

Two weeks ago, a brand new book was published in France about sketchoting.

With a lot of visual note taking exercices, it also relies on several testimonies of professionals of different sectors in their use of sketchnoting. 

Source: Lyne Cazaly
It puts this technique in perspective with the agile transformation of companies towards a creative and innovation friendly mindset. 

Indeed, one of the key messages of this book is that sketchnoting is not only reserved for an elite of creative people and Designers, but that this technique is a gateway to cultivate a way of thinking favorable to Innovation and effective note taking.

This "head, hand and heart " approach finds its full meaning in this book where Visual thinking techniques meet Positive Psychology.

Dec 6, 2016

New video: How to effectively use XMind for project management?

XMind is a very versatile tool for project management. It suits perfectly every stage of project management process. When managing a project, numerous things need to be done.

The different visualization tools provided by XMind help us to get all needed information quickly, as shown in the video below:

Sep 26, 2016

New Visual Mapping Workshop in Luxembourg

We are thrilled to announce the launching of our Visual Mapping Workshop (Level A) in Luxembourg thanks to a partnership with ChatterBox Education and A Magical Butterly.

Mastering Visual Thinking skills is a critical skill base for managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, researchers, coaches, educators and trainers.

Our Visual Mapping Method is a unique combination of various Visual Thinking Techniques such as Mind Mapping, Sketchnoting, Design Thinking, Images as metaphors .... 

The Visual Mapping workshop are organized in steps or "levels" from Level A until Level C (Certification) as you can see below.

About the Level A

In this module "level A", participants learn the basics of Visual Mapping, a global visual language. They learn to create and effectively use different types of visual techniques to "speak the visual language" in different situations: presentations, task management, meetings, brainstorming ideas, innovative pedagogy and visual note taking. 

At the completion of the training, a certificate will be given. You will also receive a digital booklet summarizing the key points of the workshop and providing associated resources (bibliography, links, software and apps ...) to go further in your step!

If your are interested please fill in the contact form and we will send you the Training Information and pricing pdf